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Colchester To Great Yarmouth

About the Mini Run to Great Yarmouth 2020

Colchester Mini Club are holding their annual Run Colchester to Great Yarmouth. This has purely been a Colchester Mini Club Run that has been running for over 18 Years. We are continuing to open it up to the public and other Clubs to join us in a convoy down to Great Yarmouth Sea Front to show off your pride and joy.
We will be meeting at Colchester United Football Stadium at 7:00am to leave no later than 8am Sunday 26th July 2020. We will be travelling in convoy down to Gr8 Yarmouth Sea front where we will be parking in front of the Pier. We are due to arrive at Gr8 Yarmouth Sea Front at around 11am. Colchester Mini Club is primarily a classic car club but for this event we are opening it up to all kinds of minis including Metros & BMW Minis.

We will be leaving Promptly at 8:00am as we need to be in yarmouth by 11:00am.



The Mini Run Formality’s

You will need to have a ticket on the day, and this will need to be shown once we arrive at the Diner. If you don’t have your ticket unfortunately you will not be able to park with all the other fantastic Minis.
When you arrive at Colchester Stadium please park up and visit The Colchester Mini Club Vehicles Look for The Large Colchester Mini Club Flag. From here you will be able to Collect your run pack this will include your run plaque, stickers, information and more. To make it easier for the marshals to identify you we ask if you could clearly display the plaque. You will need to show your ticket when you collect your run pack this is 1 run pack per mini
If you are joining us for the run and you have not pre-booked you can sign up at the Colchester Mini Club Vehicle but unfortunately there will not be a run pack available.
Once everyone has arrived and parked up down the sea front day is your own at Great Yarmouth to go shopping play in the arcades or have a day at the beach looking at the minis. You will not be able to leave the grounds no sooner than 3 30pm - 4PM this is due to health and safety no cars are around to move sorry for any inconvenience.
After the day some of us convoy back to Colchester your more than welcome to tag along or make your own way back