Welcome To Clolchester Mini Club

Colchester Mini Club (CMC) was Established in July 2005 by a small group of mini enthusiasts. With a lot of organising and a healthy dose of determination the club has been growing steadily ever since.

We are a friendly club for the Classic mini only, based in Colchester, Essex.
The club is all about the mini - we want you to share with us your pride and joy, may it be standard, modified or even an old time classic. The most important components of the club are the minis and the sense of community. Once a month the club meets up at a local pub (The Cricketers), offering members the opportunityto talk almost endlessly about their minis, to ogle at others or even to seek help and advice. In addition to our regular pub meetings the club also arranges social events and attend various shows/events, locally and further a field, where we always arrange a convoy and set up a club stand where possible.

The look on peoples faces while you're driving in convoy, a wicked feeling that can't be beaten or explained.Want to know what it's all about, why not come along a meet us for a drink and a chat, We are looking forward to meeting you both!



Brooklands Mini Days 2013

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Brooklands Mini Days 2013

Event: Brooklands Mini Days
Written By: Harry B

We start the day at Sainsburys, When got there mike was there already then me and Darren went to McDonald's to get some food, Then went back to the car park and waited for Chris H and Toby  to arrive We set off at about 7 o'clock Long drive on the motorway but funny, Me and Darren were  left to To lead the convoy. It was so cold in the mini as heating did not work at all as found out the next day there was no water in Radiator. When we arrived there the weather was bad And some of the roads were flooded.when we got to brooklands was nice to see minis everywhere and the club stand we got was in a great location right near the main place. Got out of the cars the see that only mini with ice still on roof was Darren's as we had no heating, but then we all got some pics next to the cars and in our CMC hoodies was a laugh. We started by looking at all the parts for sale as It was quiet I was trying to found a nice mini for sale but no luck, Toby got new needles for his car. We all went inside for hot drink as freezing outside, all laughing and joking about, Toby went and booked himself in for the hill climb, everyone spilt up in to groups looking around all the Museums, me and Darren was trying to find biggest engine we could find so can fit in to a mini. Later we found everyone and went to. Watch hill climb which was fun some minis flying up and some just about making it, Toby did well in his.after everyone split up again me and Darren pointing and laughing at all the BMW minis as they not as good as classic ones. All met up again and left brooklands we stop at mini spares on way back, then headed home mike in his 998cc was making the rest of everyone look slow, Toby's in meant to be one of the fastest so me and Darren didn't know why he was going slow but he pulled over to petrol and told us that he didn't bring to stuff he needed to add to petrol that's why he was going so slow. When back in colchester in stop at McDonalds for more food with Toby after Went home. Was a really day out just Shame about weather as last year was a really nice day.


Bingley hall 2013

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Bingley Hall Show 2013

Mini Fair 2013 Bingley hall 27th januray
Written by Darren Pygott

It was an early start for member of Colchester mini club meet up at 6am. We convoyed down in 2 cars Darren (me), Harry and Mark in one car and Chris h, Kate and Chris cook in the other. Big mistake letting (me) Darren and Harry lead as last time we lead for southern mini days last year we added an extra hour to our journey. But have to admit we did find some good back roads witch was fun. So we did not want to disappoint this time and missed the turning on the way there opps we added an extra 20mins to are journey , they should learn never let (me) Darren and Harry lead we get distracted with shiny things. We did make it to the mini show in the end =). We parked up and made are way in I am glad it was an indoor mini event as the weather was not that good. There were some really nice minis to look around and lots of parts for sale to make you spend your money even got Mark spending and he doesn’t even own a mini. I fink we all got are excise that day walking to and from our cars with parts we have brought. After being there all day getting loads of ideas of what you could do to your mini and spending way to much we all meet up ready to leave. We left in convoy with (me) Darren, Harry and Mark leading will there ever learn ha ha. We all made it back to Colchester without getting lost and with no problems we all stopped off at mac ds tollgate in Colchester and chatted about the mini show what we saw and brought it was a good day out really enjoyed it..